Discover Your Body Shape..

Last night I switched on the TV ½ way through the programme “Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation”. Their theory is that you should dress for your shape and not your size.

Their goal was to educate women about their body shape. There are 4 main body groups Apple, Hourglass, Triangle and Pear. Each of the main body shapes has 3 subcategories.

The Apple, the Brick and the Column are sub-categories of the Apple shape
The Pear, the Skittle and the Bell are sub-categories of the Pear shape
The Hourglass, the Cello and the Vase are sub-categories of the Hour-glass shape
The Cornet, the Lollipop and the Goblet are sub-categories of the Cornet shape

They invited 100 women to an art gallery where 12 objects symbolizing each of the body shapes are displayed on plinths. 12 women representing each one of the body shapes were chosen to stand next to the object. They explained what style of clothes suit each of the 12 body shapes and why.

The 100 women were then given a challenge to go and find an article of clothing that suits their body type. If they are correct the purchase is paid for by the producers of the programme. The majority of participants got it right and what a difference it made. Regardless of their size, weight and shape the women all looked beautiful because the outfits they wore hid their bad points and flattered and accentuated their good points!  

Discover what shape you are and what styles flatter your body shape, no matter if you’re a; Cornet, Lollipop, Skittle, Vase, Apple, Hourglass, Goblet, Cello, Column, Bell, Pear or Brick!




*These picture are from this article

Discover Your Body Shape..

4 thoughts on “Discover Your Body Shape..

  1. Victoria says:

    Great article, the only one I’ve seen with a picture of real life models and a verbal breakdown of the 12 shapes. Keep up the good work 🙂

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